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Consulting Business Overview

We provides comprehensive real estate consulting services in the areas of development, infrastructure and property management.

From real estate development planning to project financing, project management, and advisory services for public-private partnerships, our business solutions span the entire real estate consulting and development planning value chain.

M3C global's specialization in investments, high degree of credibility in real estate market, and global network form the foundation of our best-in-class competitiveness and allow us to build robust synergies in the real estate space.

M3C global's exceptional pool of experts and extensive global network are dedicated to discovering and maximizing investment opportunities, facilitating stable financing, and providing efficient property management services.


Corporate Governance 

In the field of Corporate Governance M3C GLOBAL provides comprehensive management consulting services to corporate clients operating in different business fields. We advise clients on control, compliance and other legal issues related to their business.

We provide carrying out procedures for registration, establishment of enterprises, branches and representative offices.

Consulting on control, legal compliance drafting commercial contracts.

Real Estate & Construction

In the context of the rapidly growing real estate market, M3C GLOBAL’s Real Estate & Construction consulting is always active to support the implementation of real estate transactions, and support work related to construction and real estate investment financing. 

We provide legal advice in various aspects to real estate developers, lenders, real estate investment funds, domestic and foreign investors, contractors, managers. real estate agent.

EXIM & Logistics

In recent years, the world is witnessing the rapid rise of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) to establish Free Trade Areas. In line with the international economic integration trend of the world and the region. M3C GLOBAL is in charge of consulting, supporting and orienting customers to comply with the rules and commitments in the contract. 

We provide consultancy on international supply chains, freight operations, sea and international customs.

Global Network






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